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Add some spectacular action attractions to your next event. At KC's Fireworks we specialise in action event management and high-octane arena spectaculars. We can supply an entire range of action attractions including monster trucks, jet car, demolition derbies, motocross action, car stunts, comedy car acts, and more. All this can be enhanced by our enormous range of special effects such as flames, smoke, fog, fireworks, lights, sound systems, lasers, LED big screen, and more.  


At KC’s Fireworks Displays, we don't just do fireworks! We have been an industry leader in action attractions, action event management and high-octane outdoor family entertainment for the past 30 years. 

KC’s Fireworks have staged major sell-out events in every State in Australia, as well as New Zealand, China, Asia, Canada, and the USA. 


We are well known for our massive fireworks Skyshows, Australian Monster Truck circuit, jet powered car, jet powered quad bikes, car stunts, demolition derbies, burn out competitions, FMX, motorcross, and spectacular arena shows. 


We also specialise in entertainment equipment such as gas flames, led big screens, light-laser & sound systems, CO2 cannons, fog-smoke & snow machines, animated water screens, and more. Our extensive range of high octane action attractions and equipment will ensure your next show, festival or arena spectacular  is truly memorable. Take a look at our awesome range of action attraction acts and equipment. 


Using the technology of the famous Hollywood skylights, our Skytracker light units are visible from up to five kilometres away. These makes them perfect for large-scale outdoor events in South East Queensland.


Nothing gets the heart racing quite like some live, freestyle motocross. Dazzle your guests as Australia’s top freestyle riders take to the skies and perform jaw-dropping tricks before your very eyes. Our ramps can be set up on any level, hard surface such as dirt or bitumen, making them suitable for a range of environments.


If you’re looking for a high-octane thrill ride of a show that will really put your guests on edge, our jet-powered quad performance may be just what you’re looking for.

The show starts with the announcer asking: “Do you want to see a jet-powered quad?” and as he fires up the crowd, out rides a small, costume-clad motorcycle kid riding a little quad bike ablaze with pyro effects. He rides around the arena waving to the crowd. The announcer finally waves him down: “Hey that’s not a jet quad.” The rider replies: “It’s not? No, it’s not.” The rider looks down at the bike and walks around the vehicle. “Aw no, I’ve stolen Aunty Alice’s chook buster from the farm. Hang on, I’ll see if I can take it out back and tune it up a bit better.” The announcer laughs: “No amount of tuning will fix it.” “Ah,” says the rider, “but I have the magic flash.” And with that, he hits the button on the bike and a flash pot ignites. The rider exits the arena.

The announcer then apologises to the crowd about the non-appearance of the jet-powered quad. Then, a two-strobe pyro ignites at the arena entrance; a loud bang startles the crowd, a pyro mine explodes, and out comes the real jet-powered quad with its jet engine roaring.

The rider and quad begin a fantastic flame-firing performance as the lights are killed in the arena. He treats the crowd to a loud and thrilling five-minute show. The little quad bike re-appears, with the rider waiting at the arena gate, while the jet-powered quad does a victory lap with silver gerbs blazing as the arena lights come back up. The crowd cheers and the rider waves goodbye.


It all began millions of years ago when dragons roamed the earth. Drago’s life began as a Transzillasaurus. Then, after being exposed to a huge underground radiation blast in the mid-1950s, the dragon awoke from his million-year slumber and evolved into Drago.

Drago transformed into a towering giant dragon – a dinosaur-like, winged, fire-breathing monster capable of delivering an atomic blast with his breath and scaring crowds with those terrorising laser-piercing eyes.

Drago is that ‘something new’ that all show societies and festivals are looking for right across Australia. The Drago experience is a 16-minute show aimed at the younger children’s market. As terrifying as he is, Drago is loved around the world by children and adults alike.
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