Fog, Smoke & Snow Machines

High-quality fog, smoke and snow machines in QLD and NSW

Do you need smoke machines for a music event you’re hosting in South East Queensland? Or maybe you need a snow machine for a theatre performance or outdoor event in the area? Whatever your special effects needs may be, we have you taken care of at KC’s Fireworks Displays.


Fog machines are an excellent way to add some mystery to your show or event. You could have fog machines surrounding your fireworks, or use it for a stage production to add a moody atmosphere to your performance. Whatever you need the special effect for, fog machines are a great way to add some magic, intrigue, and excitement to any event.


Our smoke machines are perfect for musical events right across South East Queensland. By filtering smoke across the stage, you can create a high-end festival feel without breaking the bank. Smoke machines also make for some excellent photography and footage or to create a surreal feel to your special event.


Here in South East Queensland, we’re not used to the sight of snow, but our snow machines can change that. Whether you’re planning a theatre production that needs snow to fall on stage or you want to create a snow effect outdoors, we’re certain that our snow machines can do the job.

When you add fireworks into the display, our fog, smoke and snow machine special effects are enhanced even further as the colours reflect through to create an even more wonderful look.
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