Frequently Asked Questions

At KC’s Fireworks Displays, we get dozens of calls every week asking for quotes on fireworks displays and our outdoor entertainment equipment for all types of different occasions. Most people aren’t sure how much fireworks cost and what they will need to spend. The fact is, there is no set price for a fireworks display or a set pattern or design. We design every display differently depending on the location and occasion. However, you will find it will be a lot less than you think!


Take a look at our important guidelines below for a better understanding what’s required for a fireworks display:
  • In Queensland, all fireworks displays are regulated and monitored by The Department of Natural Resources and Mines. We adhere to all their strict regulations and requirements and have an unblemished safety record. 
  • We have to obtain a permit from The Department of Natural Resources and Mines for every fireworks display we conduct - private or corporate, and this has to be done seven days prior to the event in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. Most other states are now following suit.
  • It’s important to understand that some venues may lack the proper space to conduct a fireworks show or may require a more creative approach to make things work. Therefore, one thing is worth considering when booking a fireworks display – how much room do you have for the fireworks display? 
  • Aerial shells are the bigger fireworks that fire out of the mortar tubes and explode in the sky with star-shaped effects. For aerial shells, you must have at least 50 metres clearance in all directions  – that’s north, south, east and west - from the point of launch to other people. So, basically, you need an area 100 metres long and wide to conduct a aerial shells fireworks display.  
  • In Queensland, there is a time curfew for when you can fire the fireworks display - not after 9:30pm on weekdays and 10:00pm on weekends.
  • Local neighbours must be advised prior to any fireworks event.
  • There must be a certified first aid person on site (who is not the firer of the display) at all fireworks displays.
  • If you want your fireworks display on water (on canals, on a barge in the river or in the ocean), this will cost a great deal more as barge hire is very expensive in Australia. Plus, in most states, you need to apply for and pay for an Aquatic Permit at least 42 days prior to the event, and pay for the water police or similar to be in attendance on the night.

What is the starting price for a fireworks display?

The basic administration costs for a fireworks display costs around $510. This includes CASA permits, insurance and other paperwork. This is before any fireworks are added.

How much do wedding firework displays cost?

Our local wedding fireworks displays start from $1975 plus GST but can increase depending on your specific requirements and vision. Please note, this price includes permits and insurance. The best option is to contact our friendly team today to discuss what options are available that fit in with your proposed budget. We want to make sure you feel comfortable with what you’re paying for your customised fireworks display, but also keep in mind that the more you spend, the bigger the display.
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