Confetti Cannon & Streamer

Powerful Confetti Cannons in QLD and NSW

Are you looking for a way to take your party celebrations to the next level? Perhaps you’ve been to weddings before where people are throwing handfuls of confetti in the air, but you want something that’s really going to get people excited? Or maybe you’re hosting a New Year’s Eve party and want to see the new year in with a bang? Well, whatever your needs may be, our confetti cannons may just be the answer.


At KC’s Fireworks Displays, we have provided high-quality confetti cannons and streamers for events right throughout South East Queensland. Confetti cannons take the concept of regular confetti and take it to a whole new level, allowing people to fire thousands of small pieces of confetti into the air. Confetti cannons make for a real showpiece and are available in various sizes and can be hand-held or have a fixed mounting for more directed control.

Our confetti cannons are suitable for almost any event, including:
  • Stage shows
  • Product launches
  • Weddings
  • Anniversaries
  • New Year’s Eve parties
  • Christmas parties
  • Birthdays
  • Corporate functions
  • Music events
  • Festivals
  • Fairs
  • And many more
cannon shooting multi-coloured confetti into the street
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