Animated Water Screen

Modern Animated Water Screens in QLD and NSW

Are you looking for the latest, never-before-seen technology for your show in South East Queensland? Then our high-quality water screen show may be just what you’re looking for. You may have heard of water screen shows before, they have appeared at a few regional shows in the past but were fairly underwhelming. Since then, over $600,000 has been spent putting together this unique 25-minute extravaganza. It’s perfect as the highlight of your night’s closing extravaganza.


The crowd gathers. The lights are dimmed. There’s a hush in the crowd. People are waiting in anticipation. Suddenly, from the darkness, a deep, resonant voice booms over the concert-quality PA system:

“Welcome to the fantastic animated water vision spectacular!”

The magic begins. Colourful bursts of pyrotechnics fly through the air. Spotlights sweep the ground as the music to Apollo 13 excites the audience. The incredible Sky Tracer light beams swirl around the sky, catching smoke from the smoke machines to create a surreal experience.

Fire torches join the fray to the sound of Chariots of Fire. A light show then starts, with powerful lasers teasing the crowd. 
Colourful water fountains dance to the music in perfect harmony. The jaws of the audience drop as one. The music builds and then, from nowhere, a gigantic wall of water mist rises to over 100-feet wide. The crowd is amazed. Enthralled. They erupt into applause as fireworks shoot from around the scene.

Laser images appear on the water screen in mid-air, as if by magic. Using hi-tech animation, a stunning fantasy adventure ensues, featuring volcanoes, dinosaurs, and pirates in a world of cartoon colour. A close-proximity fireworks finale brings the experience to a close - one that the crowd will never forget. Event sponsors can even be incorporated into the show.

This show is fully choreographed to music and movie soundtracks. This is an ideal family attraction that will capture and delight audiences of all ages.


Our Mark-3 fully mobile water screen show can be set up in full in just 75 minutes. It includes a 10 x 10-metre pond that recycles water from the water screen. The water screen itself can be set up on either land or water.

To bring this extravaganza to life, a crew of 14 skilled technicians are required to set up and operate the equipment. The equipment required for the show includes:
  • Two full multicolour white lasers
  • A full concert-quality PA system
  • A 20-foot shipping container containing various moving and coloured lights
  • Numerous gas special movie effects
  • A giant water screen driven by a 55-kilowatt pump
  • Barco units
  • Dancing water fountains
  • Costumed stage performers
  • A fully pyrotechnic bonanza
The show itself just concluded a highly successful tour of the USA, and now has bookings lined up for China, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so get it booked for your event today.
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