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Funeral Celebration Fireworks in QLD and NSW

At KC’s Fireworks Displays, we understand that funerals are a trying time. However, these days, funerals are becoming more of a celebration of a life well lived and of their successes and legacy left behind. Funerals are always going to be a sad time but it’s important that we provide a fitting send-off for those we love. Perhaps you want to send a loved one off in style by having their ashes incorporated into our fireworks? Or maybe you just want a beautifully designed fireworks display to add some wonder and magic to an otherwise difficult day? Whatever your fireworks needs may be, our caring and respectful team will be more than happy to help.


One great way to celebrate a loved one’s life is to have their ashes incorporated into our firework mortars by our experienced fireworks experts. We can incorporate the ashes across a range of fireworks or load them into one big rocket, allowing for a spectacular and memorable celebration with a beautiful explosion of colour. 

We can arrange to send your loved one’s ashes into the night sky, scattered across the ocean or river, or wherever your family chooses as their special place.

Or maybe you just want a beautifully designed fireworks display to add some wonder and magic to an otherwise difficult day? 

Whatever your fireworks needs may be, our caring and respectful team will be more than happy to help.
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firework packed with ashes bursting in the night sky


If your funeral celebration is a large event with tens or hundreds of well-wishers, we can take care of the entire function for you. We are not only committed to offering the highest quality, most advanced, and comprehensive fireworks and special effects to customers throughout Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria but we also have more than 30 years’ experience in event management. 

Our event management company “Action Events Management” specialises in organising all sizes and styles of events and can arrange everything for you. No matter whether it’s a small family gathering or a large funeral celebration, we can arrange the venue, seating, catering and more. Literally, your family arrives at your location of choice and all has been taken care of for you. 

We also offer a large range of outdoor equipment to allow your funeral celebration to be as special as your family wishes. We offer LED big screens to share a loved one’s memories to a crowd, quality outdoor PA systems for eulogies and music, special effects and lighting, and more. 
Whatever is required, we will make every effort to ensure nothing but the very best is arranged for your special celebration of life. 

Please call our friendly team for more information of how we can help you on (07) 5494 5089


What is the Process for Funeral Celebration Fireworks?
Firstly, a member of the family or friend will contact KC’s Fireworks Displays or the funeral home to arrange the delivery of the ashes to KC’s Fireworks headquarters in Glenview Qld. The ashes are respectively and securely stored until they are incorporated into the fireworks by our professional fireworks pyrotechnicians. Photos of the incorporation process can be supplied for peace of mind.

Secondly, one of our courteous staff will discuss the location of the fireworks display and the position of the fireworks launch. You can launch the fireworks on land or water. KC’s Fireworks will organise all fireworks permits, notifications and insurance. KC’s Fireworks displays can also help you with any other service required to help make your day special such as choreographed music, outdoor PA Systems, photography, extra fireworks, special effects, etc. 

If your funeral celebration is a large event or special location, we can take care of everything for you. Our event management company Action Events Management can arrange the venue, seating, catering, photographers, clean up, etc. Literally, you just walk in and we take care of the rest. Please call for a detailed quote and details of what you would like to be arranged. 

What are the Safety Distances Required for Fireworks?
Every State has various laws and legislation in place to ensure that fireworks displays are conducted safety. In Queensland, the fireworks firing point must be at least 50 metres in all directions away from people (you may be within 10 metres of buildings, and 35 metres for special circumstances in Qld). In NSW, the legislation requires you be at least 30 metres in all directions away from people. 

What Permits or Insurance are Required?
KC’s Fireworks takes care of all the permits, notifications, and insurance (20 million indemnity) required for a funeral celebration fireworks display. 

How Much Notice is Required?
By Law in most States in Australia, you must give a minimum of 7 days’ notice to conduct any type of fireworks display. 

What Areas/Locations Can These Displays Be Conducted?
They can be virtually anywhere where there is enough area such as football grounds, ovals, beaches (subject to Council), sports venues, showgrounds, private properties, lakes, rivers, etc. However, please note that water displays require special aquatic permits which take 30 days to finalise and there will also be a water-pontoon hiring fee. 

What Can I Expect from My Display?
We normally conduct a brief display that starts with some of the special incorporated fireworks and ends with them. In-between we will use an array of multi-shot effects, many often matching the loved one’s favourite colours, etc. Display types range from two minutes up to normal display times of four to five minutes.  

What Other Options Are There for This Special Celebration of Life?
Quite often, people organising such an event will have a favourite music track/song they would like to play as the fireworks are being set off. This is no problem. We will work with you on the day and commence firing at the start of the music and end at the same time. If required, we can offer a high-quality outdoor PA system to broadcast this music for you, although we will require access to electricity if on land. If on a water pontoon, we will supply a power generator. Cost of the PA and full music equipment is $750 plus GST. Additional speakers can be incorporated at further cost. We can also offer the name of the loved one in fire rope or fireworks, however this equates to $170 plus GST per letter. 

How Do the Ashes Get Forwarded to KC’s Fireworks Displays?
There are two options. You can deliver the ashes to the funeral home if we are working directly with them, or you can send them directly to us via couriers or registered post to our office at 393 Glenview Rd, Glenview. 4553. Qld. The ashes are respectively and securely stored until they are incorporated into the fireworks by our professional fireworks pyrotechnicians.

How Much Does Fireworks Celebration Cost?
There is no set fee as every family’s requirements are different. Generally, the initial starting price for a three-minute fireworks display with ashes incorporated into a range of fireworks starts from $3000 plus GST. This does not include extras, however does include detailed pictures of ashes being imported into fireworks for your records. For more information contact one of our courteous and respectful team on (07) 5494 5089, or contact your respective funeral home. 

We Understand
We understand this is a very sensitive time for family members and we always ensure the entire process is conducted with great respect and integrity. We respect the significance and importance of a “final farewell” and take every effort to create a spectacular and memorable occasion. 

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