LED Big Screen

LED Big Screens for Hire in QLD and NSW

At KC’s Fireworks Displays, we’re passionate about providing the biggest and best entertainment services in Australia. That’s why we offer a fully mobile LED big screen for use at a vast range of events. Suitable for both day and night events, our waterproof screens can be set up in just 20 minutes, making them perfect for almost any occasion.


Our LED big screen is the finest around, fitted with the latest ultra-high-definition technology to keep your events one step ahead of the rest. We also offer a highly skilled and qualified camera crew from Drew Muir’s Q Frame at an extremely competitive rate.

Take a look at the benefits and features of our high-quality LED big screen below:
  • The screen is fully self-contained with a trailer-mounted 50 KVA generator
  • Highest-quality screen ensures excellent viewing both day and night
  • Full microwave broadcast system with microwave link that can be broadcast from over one kilometre away
  • Limited PA system, including roving radio microphone
  • Camera and cameraman platform above the truck cab ready to capture the action
  • A fully-qualified technician in attendance with the screen
  • Screen size is 6 x 4 metres = 24sqm
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Fully in-built vision control and playback
  • IP65 protecting rating against water and moisture
  • Full public liability insurance supplied ($20,000,000).
Our LED big screen is suitable for all kinds of events, including:
  • Sporting competitions
  • Conferences
  • Concerts
  • Festivals
  • Religious gatherings
  • Show societies
  • Digital advertising billboards
close-up of the huge led tv
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